Pacific Beach Hotel, Waikiki Beach

The Pacific Beach Hotel Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki Beach

The Pacific Beach hotel finds itself located on Kalakaua avenue, just a few blocks away from the iconic shoreline of Waikiki Beach, guarded by Diamond Head and ever embraced by the sunshine of the Pacific. Supplementing its scenic attributes are a handful of amenities and guest services that go hand-in-hand with what visitors from far and wide envision when they think, “paradise”. Nan Inc, was honored to receive the bid for the phase one, an 839 room renovation that has construction scheduled to begin in march of 2016 and to last for a period of nine months. It also hopes to secure the bid for phase two, entailing the upgrade of the public spaces of the hotel, including a lavish infinity pool on the fourth floor.

On the job is Nan Inc,’s own, Leonard “‘Aina” Kuhia, a born and raised Oahu native hailing from Wahiawa, who has been working in the commercial sector of construction for the past decade. He recently finished supervising the recently completed nine-month, 1,200 room renovation at the Hyatt Hotel just down the street. As Nan Inc, is just recently getting more into the commercial sector, “Aina” tells us that for this kind of work especially, “delivering a great product is of great concern. Quality. We want to stay under our budget, and make the owners happy —to really impress them, shock and awe, like I’m glad that you picked Nan Inc, you didn’t make a mistake.”

As Nan Inc, secures the bids for more projects in this line of work, it strives to build a deep-seeded level of trust between itself and its clients. The latter is reflected in the dedication to each project it takes on as Aina and the crew often spend 12-15 hour a day on the job and know that they are often committing themselves, 24/7, to service the demands of this high-pace and often challenging, work environment