Nan, Inc.’s Volunteer Efforts at Francisco Ubay Memorial Elementary School on Palawan Island

Nan, Inc. has once again continued its impactful partnership with the Rotary Club of Honolulu by spearheading yet another significant project. This time, their joint efforts have brought about transformative changes at Francisco Ubay Memorial Elementary School, located on Palawan Island in the Philippines.

The recent project, funded by Nan, Inc., involves the construction of three classrooms, a walkway, and essential septic tanks for the school. Notably, this initiative aims to address overcrowding issues, particularly in third-grade classrooms, where student numbers are set to reduce dramatically from 70 to 35 per room, greatly improving students’ learning environment.

In March 2024, Nan, Inc. sponsored its largest workforce deployment to date. A diverse group of 15 individuals, comprising both dedicated employees of Nan, Inc. and enthusiastic students from the University of Hawaii, Manoa College of Engineering, embarked on this meaningful journey. Under the tutelage of local craft persons, the group labored and spread the spirit of “aloha” alongside Rotary, and Atherton and Cebu YMCA volunteers.


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