Waialae Iki Booster No. 1 Relocation

Maryanne Tane

LOCATION: Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Nan, Inc. was awarded a $12.8M Waialae Iki Booster No. 1 Relocation project with the City & County of Honolulu, Board of Water Supply. The contract work consists of furnishing all labor, tools, equipment, and materials necessary to install in accordance with the plans and specifications a booster pump station at the Waialae Iki 180’ Reservoir site, including: a Motor Control Center Building; two booster pumps, pump suction, and discharge piping; the connection of the suction piping to the existing reservoir influent-effluent line; valves; valve vault; all associated electrical, mechanical, and civil work. Civil work at the reservoir site includes the installation of rockfall protection systems, site fencing, rock removal, tree removal, clearing, and grubbing work; the installation of a temporary and permanent mast for security equipment; and installation of retaining walls. Required is also the replacement of the existing altitude valve in the existing altitude valve building. Work includes the removal of hazardous material in the building and on the existing equipment, installation of isolation valves, and the removal and replacement of the altitude valve building roof. The project will: install approximately 2,000 LF of 12″ main along the reservoir access road from the reservoir to Laukahi Street, and along Laukahi Street to the intersection of Laukahi Street and Kamole Street; install approximately 320 LF of 8″ main along Laamia Place from Laamia Street to the end of Laamia Place; remove approximately 500 LF of existing 16″ main in Kalanaianaole Hwy from the existing Wailupe Line Booster and Waialae Iki Booster No. 1 Station to Analii Street; and inactivate the existing Waialae Iki Booster No. 1 pumps at the existing Wailupe Line Booster and Waialae Iki Booster No. 1 Station.

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