Electrical Distribution System, Meck Island

Maryanne Tane

LOCATION: Meck Island, U.S. Army Garrison – Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Under a $32.4M contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, starting in the summer of 2023, Nan, Inc. will be performing work at remotely-located Meck Island, U.S. Army Garrison – Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands requiring the replacement of the 4,160 V medium voltage (MV) electrical distribution system.

Power is currently distributed to the island from the building B5020 main switchgear at 4,160 V via underground feeders. Much of the existing distribution infrastructure and electrical equipment are at end of life and in need of replacement to provide reliable electrical power for island and test mission execution. This firm-fixed price, design-bid-build project includes all labor, materials, and equipment required to demolish, remove, and dispose existing facilities and equipment and procure, construct, test, commission, and turn over the new system to operations of the Meck Island distribution system as indicated in the contract documents.

The Base scope includes all work to remove and provide the existing Meck Island MV network, as well as provide all clearing, site preparation, labor, and materials associated with construction of the new main distribution switchgear system (PDC) structural equipment pad and future B5098 unit sub and tech 1 & 2 unit sub. The scope of Optional awarded work includes all labor, materials, and equipment to remove and provide, dispose, and commission the B5050 primary and secondary electrical distribution system. Overall, with a majority of the project involving underground work, installing conduit runs from building to building then to the Power Distribution Center, and being done in a extremely remote and challenging environment.

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