RM17-0006 Repair Ammunition Wharf W2

Maryanne Tane

LOCATION: JBPHH West Loch, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Awarded under an indefinite-quantity contract with NAVFAC Hawaii, Nan, Inc. will be performing a $21.8 repair project involving Ammunition Wharf W2 by replacing it with a reinforced concrete wharf on concrete piles built to current standards. The project will be divided into two phases, fiscal year FY22 and FY23. Phase 1 will consist of the portion of Wharf 2 closest to Wharf 1 and Phase 2 will consist of the portion of Wharf 2 closest to Wharf 3. Scope of the work for each phase is identical and will include demolition of the existing timber pile fender system and wharf deck. Sheet piling will be installed inboard of the wharf structure. A fender system will consist of pre-cast concrete piles and plastic wales and chocks. Pile clusters will be provided to accommodate foam filled floating fenders. The wharf shall meet the requirement of Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-152-01, “Design: Piers and Wharves.” The wharf structure will be able to support a uniform live load of 600 psf as well as the unrestricted movement of 90-ton mobile truck cranes with maximum outrigger loads limited to 80 tons.

The project will also include the reconstruction of wastewater and portable water utility systems, phone lines and grounding system for lighting protection. Utilities will be placed into a utility trench built into the wharf deck, and a permanent oil spill containment boom, safety ladders, life ring cabinets, fire alarm system and mooring hardware will be installed.

Link to article – https://www.dvidshub.net/news/429153/navfac-hawaii-awards-21-million-wharf-repair

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