Nan, Inc. Projects

Quad C, Schofield Barracks Renewal


FY03 MCA/BUP PN 52068/69, Whole Barracks Renewal Brigade Complex Phase 3A, Quad C, Schofield Barracks, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Contract Amount: $58,346,000

The Whole Barracks Renewal, Phase 3A project consisted of the second major renovation of the historic Quads. Built in 1918, the four buildings totaling over 344,000 square feet that make up the quadrangle known as “Quad C”, is a significant structure in Schofield Barracks and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Originally designed as an open bay barracks complex with endless rows of bunks, the facility has been modernized through this project into a two individual bedroom unit configuration, which share a private bathroom and a full kitchen equipped with a range oven. These apartment-like barrack units occupy two of the buildings in the Quad, serving up to 300 soldiers, while the other buildings house one large Battalion Headquarters, five Company Operation Facilities, several classrooms and conference rooms, a gymnasium, a full kitchen and dining room, and a central plant. Other amenities included large parking lots with vehicle access control to meet anti-terrorist requirements, exterior basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and a large gear wash and recreational pavilion.

Because the structures were both historically significant and correspondingly code deficient, the largest challenge encountered involved properly upgrading the buildings to meet current building and seismic codes, while retaining the original façade and features. To accomplish this, a technique known as shotcrete was utilized, where the new structural walls were shot on the interior side of the existing structure much like a swimming pool. The result was essentially creating a new 8-inch concrete structure within the existing concrete shell.

Due to the success of the project, Nan, Inc. was presented with a Historic Preservation Honor Award from the Historic Hawai’i Foundation.

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