Airport Section Utilities Relocation-Honolulu Rail Transit Project


Nan, Inc. successfully completed the Airport Section Utilities Relocation Contract for the Honolulu Rail Transit Project. The $28M+ contract involved relocating underground and above-ground utilities in the Pearl Harbor/Honolulu Airport area to make way for the new rail columns, guideways, and stations in the Airport Section.
The project included the relocation of some 7700 linear feet of wet utilities and 5750 linear feet of communication, street lighting, and power duct banks. The work took place across multiple jurisdictions: U.S. Navy, State DOT Highways, State DOT Airports, Honolulu Parks and Recreation, and private right of ways.
The Nan, Inc. Civil Team overcame myriad challenges. On numerous occasions, they found existing utilities in different places than indicated on their plans, including an existing earthen utility tunnel that had been dug under 15 feet of rock. The team also faced the challenge of doing work on busy roadways. Approved traffic controls severely limited work hours.
Nan, Inc. completed the project with a stellar safety record and high ratings for quality.

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