City Center Utilities Relocation, Honolulu Rail Transit Project


Nan, Inc. was awarded an up to $400M contract to relocate utilities in the 4.2 mile City Center section for the Honolulu Rail Transit Project. These utilities stood in the path of the future elevated rail columns, guideway, and stations. Driven by task orders, Nan, Inc. tackled utility relocation in the Kalihi, Iwilei, Chinatown, Downtown, Kakaako, and Ala Moana areas. Nan, Inc. performed wet ulility relocation consisting of water, sewer, gas, and drain lines. The dry utility relocation included electric, cable, telecom, traffic lights, and street signals. The work also included roadway, sidewalk, and curb demolition, and reconstruction.

The work was quite challenging, but Nan, Inc. managed to do this relocation on congested roads such as Dillingham Boulevard and Nimitz Highway. Much of the work took place in densely packed residential areas. Nan, Inc. successfully struck a balance, managing traffic congestion and noise.


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