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Safety Matters at Nan, Inc.

Safety is a top priority for Nan, Inc. and is deeply rooted into the work culture of the company. The importance of safety is emphasized from top management down and, as safety is heavily enforced for projects of all types and sizes, safety awareness has been engrained as second nature for every management and trade employee at each and every jobsite.


Each week for the Nan, Inc. field teams typically start with a safety meeting first-thing on Monday mornings, debriefing any “good catches” or “near misses” occurrences from the past week. In the first week of May 2023, Nan, Inc. celebrated Safety Week with a safety meeting held at the beginning of every morning and ended with a sponsored-lunch on Friday afternoon for all the site workers. The week signified Nan, Inc.’s commitment to promoting safety throughout the company and our jobsites.

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