Resurrection of the Lord Church


Resurrection of the Lord Parish New Parish Center & Sanctuary Renovation

Project Facts
• Client: Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church
• Location: Waipahu, Oahu, HI
• Project Cost: $6,162,612.94
• Completed: 2019
The project called for the construction of a new Parish Center and the renovation of the existing Parish Sanctuary. The primary feature of the Resurrection of the Lord Parish expansion project was the 2-story, 10,500 square foot, Parish center that was designed to house a 2,453 sqft assembly area with stage, 1st floor kitchen, 2nd floor food prep room, 1,200sqft of office and employee areas, 1st and 2nd floor men’s and women’s restrooms, 3,655 sqft of meeting spaces (4 rooms total with one equipped with movable partitions to make into 3 rooms), a 1,390 sqft lanai designed to host in-door/out-door event when the sliding glass doors are opened, and an elevator to allow access to all parishioners.
In order to prepare the site for the construction of the new facility, a significant civil scope of work was required and included: removal of over 3000 cubic yards of soil; trenching and installed 230 linear feet of 4” sewer pipe and connected to existing 4” line; installation of a new stormwater retention system; installation of 2 new manholes; installation of 500 linear feet of underground drain lines 4”-6” pipe; trenching for new 2” waterline connections; trenching for power and communication lines from the existing Parish facility to the new facility; trenching and installation of a new 4” fire line, 40 linear feet long, and connected to existing supply in the existing parking lot; and trenching and installation of a new 4” Fire Department connection line, 90 linear feet long.
Construction of the new facility required the construction of a concrete retaining wall approximately 240 linear feet long and varying in height from 6 to 14 feet tall. The facility itself was constructed with concrete footings and a foundation slab, structural steel framing (including I-Beams, tube columns, and roof trusses), while the second floor consisted of a concrete slab over metal decking.

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