Honouliuli Waste Water Treatment Plant

Honouliuli Waste Water Treatment Plant

Nan Hawaii Honouliuli

Secondary Compliance Facilities

Secondary Treatment Phase 1B

Client:  City and County of Honolulu

Contract Amount:  $267,247,944.00

Scope of work calls for the modification of Honouliuli Waste Water Treatment Plant’s existing Primary Effluent Junction; including demolition, civil, landscaping, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation in Ewa, on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

To build this massive project, Nan, Inc. will be utilizing 24-acres of undeveloped land and three acres on the existing Honouliuli WWTP site. The work includes the construction of a massive aeration basin, six open-air secondary clarifiers, an effluent division box, a secondary emergency generator building, and a secondary process pump station. Nan, Inc. will also be installing all the utilities and pipelines connecting the various structures. It’s a four-year-long contract

Required completion of Nan, Inc.’s secondary treatment facility at Honouliuli by the end of 2024.