Coconut Island New Pauley Laboratory and Classroom Replace/Repair Existing Roofs

LOCATION: Coconut Island, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu

Work was performed at the Coconut Island research facility of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, which is part of the University of Hawaii. Work involved: structural sub-framing system over existing standing seam roof; structural purlin bottom flange braces; pre-finished standing seam sheet metal roofing and flashing over underlayment, rigid insulation, fire barrier board, and galvanized steel deck; batt insulation in cavity between new metal decking and existing standing seam metal roofing; sheet metal gutter and downspout; PMMA roof coating, cementitious cover board on low slope roof over mechanical mezzanine; replace exhaust fans on low slope roof; replace exterior DEFS soffits and framing.

The existing building was occupied during the roofing project duration; as a result, protective measures were required to allow building occupant access and egress into the building, as well as select work was required to be executed on the weekend or during non-normal building hours.

All materials and manpower were brought in by barge, a key logistical challenge the Nan, Inc. team overcame while successfully completing this project.


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