Building 300, Helemano Military Reservation

Maryanne Tane

LOCATION: Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Under a $56.4M contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, Nan, Inc. is performing the renovation of Building 300 at Helemano Military Reservation. The building consists of three separate, standalone structures – Middle Wing, East Wing, & Main Building – occupying one large site boundary/site footprint. In accordance with the issued plans, Nan, Inc. will be conducting the required work in three (3) phases: Phase 1-Renovate Middle & East Wings; Phase 2-Telecom Room B114 and Electrical Room 119; Phase 3-Renovate Main Building. The renovation of the buildings requires to be first preceded by hazardous material abatement (HAZMAT), and each phase includes all related site work and incidental items necessary to complete the work. As the site consists of occupied structures, work requires both the demolition as well as the structural shoring, concrete, and structural upgrades of specified structures/components.

The Main Building will be occupied during the demolition and remodel of the Middle Wing and East Wing; likewise, the Middle Wing and East Wing will also be operational during the demolition and remodel of the Main Building. Work also includes all supporting infrastructure that require for the operational needs during the construction phase activities.


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