Expansion of Nan, Inc.’s Big Island Crushing Operations

Nan, Inc. is expanding its crushing operations on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.  The company recently acquired a new stacker conveyor (pictured) to improve the company’s in-house capabilities on the Big Island. Stacking Conveyors are used to stockpile material and in the company’s case, aggregate; therefore, the addition of this new equipment has helped to increase Nan, Inc.’s on-island crusher operation and overall civil work capabilities.


This setup is currently being used for a nearly $14 million project contracted under the Department of Hawaiian Homelands at Laiopua Village 4 Subdivision, “Phase 2 – Hema” area in Kailua-Kona. The Nan, Inc. Big Island Team is currently processing a ¾-inch base course, which will be used as backfill for utility trenches. Utility trench work on the project include sewer, water, storm drainage, electrical, curb, gutter, and sidewalk.

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