Nan, Inc. lands $146 million airport contract

Nan Inc. has been awarded a $146 million contract to make major improvements at Daniel K. Ino­uye International Airport, it was announced Monday.

The Phase 2 contract, encompassing renovations to the Terminal 1 baggage handling system and the Terminal 2 ticket lobby, was issued by the state Department of Transportation and will provide work to about 100 local construction workers.

The work on the new Terminal 1 baggage handling system includes construction of new Transportation Security Administration baggage screening spaces and equipment, six baggage makeup carousels and new U.S. Department of Agriculture spaces. There also will be demolition of existing spaces and reconstruction of spaces for the new baggage handling system corridor along with other improvements.

The ticket lobby work at Terminal 2 consists of constructing new ticketing counters and canopies, taking away conveyor belts and installing high-volume low-speed ceiling fans at the ticketing level to help keep travelers cool. On the apron and basement levels, Nan Inc. will be constructing new and modifying existing TSA baggage screening spaces as well as constructing a new baggage handling system.

Demolition work is required to remove existing midlobby ticket counters and baggage makeup carousels. Other improvements include lighting, renovations to existing airline office spaces and concrete floor repairs.

The project is slated to start this summer, with completion expected in the first quarter of 2023.

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