Nan, Inc. Projects

Whole Schofield Barracks Renewal, Quad F


Design/Build FY01 MCA PN 52265 and BUP PN 52266, Whole Barracks Renewal, Phase 4A, Renovation of Quad F, Schofield Barracks, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Contract Amount: $49,265,000

This design-build project was the first of several phases in the Whole Barracks Renewal Master Plan to renovate the historic row of concrete structures arranged in a quadrangle pattern, individually known as “Quads”. These Quads formed the central core of the Schofield Barracks Historic District and are registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Totaling over 273,000 square feet, the four buildings that comprise Quad F were originally designed as open bay barracks with endless rows of bunks. Today, the barracks, which occupy two of the buildings and serve up to 300 soldiers, are arranged in an apartment type configuration where two individual bedrooms share one private bathroom and kitchen. The remaining two buildings house the administrative and workspaces for the personnel, which include a Battalion and Brigade Headquarters, Company Operations Facilities, and a large Dining Facility.

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