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Whole Barracks Renewal Phase 2E/2F1


FY05 MCN PN 48785, Phase 2E, Whole Barracks Renewal & FY06 MCN PN 57035, Phase 2F1, Whole Barracks Renewal, Schofield Barracks, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: US Army Corp of Engineers
  • Contract Amount: $68,299,000

This project involved the construction of both barracks and administration buildings as a significant part of the Schofield Barracks Whole Barracks Renewal Master Plan. Arranged in a campus setting and totaling over 220,000 square feet, the six new buildings included a five-story barracks building serving up to 200 personnel (77,472 sf); a six-story building serving up to 240 personnel (92,966 sf); a Special Large Battalion Headquarters facility (17,786 sf); a Large Battalion Headquarters facility (15,069 sf); a Brigade Headquarters facility (13,444 sf); and a chiller plant.

A special feature of the project was the integration of anti-terrorist and force protection (AT/FP) criteria, which included blast resistant building elements such as glass doors and windows. Although compliance to AT/FP criteria is incorporated into nearly all military projects, this project stood out considering the varying building types and uses.

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