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P-307 Production Services Support Facility, PHNSY & IMF


P-307 Production Services Support Facility, PHNSY & IMF, Naval Station, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

  • Client: Department of the Navy
  • Contract Amount: $17,336,000

Design and construction of a new two-story, 36,685 sq. ft. structure that includes shipyard production shops, support spaces, a large freight elevator, and an extended elevator tower to serve as an observation post overseeing Dry Dock 1. Work spaces in the new facility include production resource support areas directly linked to waterfront projects in the dry docks, a satellite tool shop, administrative areas, a briefing room, secure storage room, nursing station, staging areas, an information technology center and break areas. The project also includes demolition of Buildings S-157 (3,200 SF) and Building #1449 (6,448 SF) and removal or relocation of approximately 10 temporary tents, two vision towers, 20 trailers/container boxes, 100 tool boxes/storage bins, pavements and utilities within the project area. Demolition within the project area will also include existing paving and concrete, existing water and sewer laterals, storm drain structures and pipers, removal of steam pipes and portions of a concrete steam vault.

Erection of the facility will provide a permanent, covered workspace for engineers and workers. The building will also eliminate temporary work structures, project team setup and removal costs, while improving submarine maintenance productivity and efficiency. The facility will achieve a sustainable LEED Gold design aimed to optimize efficiency by consolidating related functions into a single, two-story permanent structure. It will create an efficient, safe, secure and all-weather working environment for Shipyard workers with maximal natural light penetration and ventilation in industrial areas.

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