Nan, Inc. Projects

Hale Towers, Phase I and II


Hale Aloha Modernization of Towers, Phase I & II, UH Manoa, Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: University of Hawaii
  • Contract Amount: $11,938,000

Comprised of four 13-story round dormitory towers, each of the buildings which make up the Hale Aloha complex are named for the flowers of four of the largest islands in the state. Lehua (Big Island), ’lima (O’ahu), and Mokihana (Kauai), accommodate freshmen only; Lokelani (Maui), houses a mixture of freshmen and upper-classmen. The Hale Aloha Cafeteria is located within the complex.

Phase I involved the complete replacement of all the windows in two of the towers, Hale ’lima and Hale Mokihana, to meet current building and hurricane codes. Challenges of the project included custom fabrication to fit the curved window openings and also working alongside another contractor who was performing renovations to the interior spaces and restrooms at the same time. Constant communication and coordination throughout the entire project duration contributed to the ultimate success of the project, where Nan, Inc. was subsequently awarded the second phase of the modernization plan and the renovation of the remaining two towers.

Phase II included the renovation of two of the towers, Hale Lehua and Hale Lokelani. The scope to improve these two structures incorporated the complete replacement of the plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems, in addition to the renovation of the lounges and the replacement of the curved exterior windows to meet current building and hurricane codes. Another important feature of the project was the transformation of all of the open bathrooms into four separate combination toilet and shower units for increased security of the students.

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