F-22 Low Observable Composite Repair Facility


F-22 Low Observable Composite Repair Facility (LOCRF), Hickam Air Force Base, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: National Guard Bureau
  • Contract Amount: $25,423,300

The F-22 Low Observable/Composite Repair Facility (LO/CRF) project is located on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, the LO/CRF facility was the first of nine projects that will form the Hawaii Air National Guard’s (HIANG) new F-22 Raptor Maintenance Facility complex. The F-22 Raptor is the United States new Air Superiority Fighter and will serve as the replacement for the aging F-15 Eagles that have occupied Hickam’s airfield since 1987. The new 36,000 square foot LO/CRF complex involved the construction of two hangar bays serving as specialized paint booths to maintain and repair the F-22’s exterior skin, which allows the aircraft to be invisible to radar; maintenance support spaces; administrative office spaces; utility spaces; and life safety support spaces.

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