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Drydock 1, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard


Replace Floor Drains and Repair Concrete Floor, Service Galleries, and Spall Areas, Drydock 1, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

  • Client: Department of the Navy
  • Contract Amount: $3,184,000

The work under this high-visibility project consisted of six phases, which included demolition, repair, and replacement work at Drydock 1. Phase I through III involved the demolition of the embedded drainage rails from Dock Mark 53 to Dock Mark 500, concrete removal for the new drainage collection trenches, and spall repairs to the floor. Phase IV involved work to construct the main drainage collection trenches running along the port and starboard side of the drydock, which included epoxy coated reinforcing steel bars, placement of new monel grating frames, and reconstructed pumpwell and drain inlet connections. Phase V through VI involved extensive concrete spall repairs throughout the drydock walls, staircases, and service galleries, in addition to the installation of concrete embedded brass survey pins along the drydock floor.

The schedule was extremely critical as the project phases needed to be performed within strict work windows between the scheduled dockings of ships and nuclear submarines, which were planned years in advance for maintenance repairs. Some of the measures taken to meet the schedule were working seven days a week and the use of accelerated concrete curing agents, which provided full design strength within seven days. The success of this project resulted in two Letters of Appreciation from the Crane Trackage & Drydock Engineering Office for outstanding performance.

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