Camp Smith Physical Fitness Center


Physical Fitness Center, Camp Smith, HI

  • Client: Department of the Navy
  • Contract Amount: $25,478,000

The project includes design and construction of a new Fitness Center and support facilities at Camp Smith, and to repair and improve the existing Athletic Field for Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) at Kaneohe. The Fitness Center is a 29,826 sq ft, low-rise indoor fitness facility at Camp Smith. The indoor fitness facility will include: 1) lobby/reception; 2) gymnasium with NCAA-sized basketball courts that can be used for volleyball and other team activities with provisions for spectator seating; 3) fitness spaces with weight / cardiovascular fitness equipment, free weight workout areas, and a fitness assessment area; 4) unit physical training / group exercise; 5) locker rooms; 6) Health and Wellness Classroom; 7) miscellaneous support spaces to include laundry, receiving and repair area, storage, showers, and toilets; 8) administration spaces; and 9) group activity spaces. Supporting facility work includes building and site utility connections, including water, sanitary and storm sewers, site electrical, telephone, Local Area Network (LAN), and cable television. Paving and site improvements include striping, miscellaneous paving and parking, walkways, loading area, directional signage, earthwork, grading. and landscaping. A minimum of 128 parking stalls will be provided on site at the Fitness Center site, as well as additional off-site parking will be provided by new paved parking areas where existing gymnasium Building 101 currently exists (41 stalls) and at the Bauer Loop by Dive Shop Bldg 14 (58 stalls). Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection work will include a new controlled access gate at the vehicular access points to the building such as fire lanes and loading spaces, mass notification system, laminated glazing for exterior doors and windows, and standoff distances.

Hazardous waste abatement work is also included on this project and involves the mitigation of Dieldren in existing soil at the location of former Building 15 and 27. Furthermore, In accordance with EPACT 2005 and other directives, sustainable design features will be integrated into the design, development, and construction of the project in order to achieve LEED Gold requirements.

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