Building 9 Renovation, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard


Building 9 Renovation, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF), Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

  • Client: Department of the Navy
  • Contract Amount: $18,781,000

The project proposes to design, repair, renovate and upgrade Building 9, located within the Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark (PHNHL) district and the Shipyard historic management zone. The facility is a historic Category II (ICRMP 2002) structure originally built in the year 1913, and is currently occupied by Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department (Code 2300). The work will repair a portion of the first floor, and all of the second and third floors. The project includes the existing miscellaneous exterior and interior conditions, hazardous material management and mitigation, and various architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, air conditioning, electrical, telephone, communications, and fire protection work to renovate and upgrade the entire building exterior and the building interior rooms and spaces to meet current design standards and safety standards and codes. Such spaces include offices, conference rooms, equipment rooms, bathrooms, and other areas. Repair work includes, but not limited to, the repair of interior and exterior walls, ceilings, lighting, electrical power systems, air conditioning, bathrooms, fire alarm system, and fire sprinkler systems. Construction work includes the conversion of two shop areas to Nuclear Repair Shop including addition of prorated portion of ceilings, walls, electric power, air conditioning, and other work required for the conversion.

The building will be structurally reviewed and modified as required to meet current seismic requirements. Supporting facility work includes replacing electrical substation/transformer, fresh water distribution system, fire sprinkler water lateral, and sanitary sewer laterals. The building will be provided with seismic and wind upgrade and progressive collapse features, including Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) measures for the site that include standoff distances, access control gates, and signage. In accordance with Executive Order 13423, EPACT 2005 and other directives, sustainable design features that will achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s Silver level “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) rating will be integrated into the overall design, development, and construction of the project.

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