Nan, Inc. Volunteering Club’s Work on Koko Crater Trail Garners Local News Coverage

About 50 Nan, Inc. volunteers spent their Saturday morning working to help repair the Koko Crater Trail. A grassroots non-profit organization called the Kokonut Koalition is spearheading the effort to rebuild the former military tram line which has fallen into disrepair due to heavy use and erosion.

The Nan, Inc. volunteers included craft and tradesman who helped rebuild several sections. Other volunteers formed a human chain, passing buckets of gravel and large wooden beams up the mountain. Nan, Inc. also made a monetary donation to the repair effort.

The work proved to be a challenge but was also extremely rewarding. Our volunteers left knowing they helped make lasting improvements to this popular site.

This volunteer effort garnered local news coverage from KHON2. You can click on the story here.

If you’d like to donate time or money to the effort, click here to check out the Kokonut Koalition’s website.

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