Nan, Inc. was founded in Honolulu in 1990 by Mr. Nan Chul Shin, stemming from the modest dream of a young entrepreneur hoping to help Hawaii build its future. From very humble beginnings with only himself and one laborer at his side, Mr. Shin began his company by tackling the smallest of construction projects with determination and integrity; the first contract being the installation of a single road sign. Fast forward to today, Nan, Inc. has grown to become the State’s largest locally owned and operated general contractor, with the capacity and expertise to execute the most complex projects. Specializing in preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services, we at Nan, Inc. are committed to carrying forward the tradition of delivering excellence, operating with integrity, and being mindful of our clients’ needs in every project, while providing safe, rewarding, and growth opportunities for our employees.


With its considerable resources, superb construction management services, and technical expertise, Nan, Inc. is able to deliver on the most complex projects, including indefinite-quantity contracts that consist of multiple projects developed in multiple locations simultaneously. Over the years, Nan, Inc. has successfully completed several multi-million-dollar renovations, performing technological upgrades and preserving historic structures and features.

Construction Management

Nan, Inc. is known as a leading performer in construction management. The company possesses a wealth of experience in overseeing a range of multi-million-dollar projects simultaneously. Most notably, Nan, Inc. has managed over 30 indefinite-quantity projects, which require a high level of management expertise and exceptional performance. Since the company's inception, the construction management team at Nan, Inc. has obtained the knowledge base needed to ensure quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction for every construction project it manages.

General Contracting

With over 20 years of experience as a general contractor throughout the Pacific, Nan, Inc. has acquired a wide range of construction expertise. From historic renovations and modernization upgrades to new building construction, including multi-purpose facilities and single-family homes, Nan, Inc. has the resources and dedication to deliver on any type of project, on schedule, within budget, and with the utmost care to quality and workmanship.


Nan, Inc. has completed numerous design-build projects, working closely with architects and design consultants. Such projects have allowed the company to gain valuable insight on the design-build process as well as to develop professional partnerships with design firms in Hawaii and the Pacific. Nan, Inc. understands the importance of the construction team’s early involvement in the design phase and possesses the expertise necessary to prevent and resolve possible conflicts prior to actual construction.


Fooney Freestone, President

With vast experience and extensive knowledge of the construction industry, Fooney Freestone oversees all aspects of Nan, Inc.'s operations. Mr. Freestone joined the company in 1996, initially serving as Project Manager and Quality Control Manager on various projects before being promoted to Vice President in 2001 and President in 2004. Notable project experience with the company includes the high visibility, historical preservation/renovation projects of Building 250 at Makalapa and Buildings 278 and 287 of Marine Barracks at Pearl Harbor — for which he received several commendations. Mr. Freestone holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii, and has worked for Matsunaga Mechanical Contractors, Inc. and Office of Technology Transfer & Economic Development.

Ryan Nakaima, Vice President

Ryan Nakaima oversees the technical and design divisions for Nan, Inc.'s proposal development and design-build projects, and assists in overseeing the company's significant construction projects. Mr. Nakaima joined Nan, Inc. in 1996 to manage its high visibility projects and indefinite-quantity contracts, as well as to ensure quality control management on other projects. A graduate of the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Hawaii, Mr. Nakaima has excelled at construction management and has received numerous certificates of praise for his excellence in customer service.

Frank Okimoto, Vice President of Operations

Frank Okimoto is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Okimoto joined Nan, Inc. in 1999 as a project manager and has contributed to the completion of numerous noteworthy projects, such as the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies at Ft. DeRussy, the 298th Regional Training Institute at Bellows AF, the renovation of Quad F at Schofield Barracks, and the Pacific Warfighting Center at Ford Island. Mr. Okimoto became Vice President of the Civil Division in 2009, and currently oversees all civil construction management projects as well as several building projects.

Lane K. Uchimura, Executive Vice President

With more than 45 years of general construction experience, Lane Uchimura serves as the Executive Vice President of Nan, Inc.’s Commercial & Special Projects Division.   Mr. Uchimura joined Nan, Inc. in 2010 and was tasked with the creation and development of a new construction division focused on servicing the commercial sector and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating commercial projects and ensuring that the company fulfills its obligation to the Client throughout the course of design, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases.  Over the last four and half decades, Mr. Uchimura has developed an extensive level expertise managing commercial projects for landmark hospitality properties across the State of Hawaii, valued at nearly $2.5 Billion.  Mr. Uchimura is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and serves on numerous local committees and boards.